Richmond Legal Advice Service



What you will find on this page

This page includes the “client contact form” that RLAS asks clients to complete, the leaflets that RLAS makes available to clients and others, including the “How we can help” leaflet, a one-sided leaflet/poster, and a leaflet providing details on firms of solicitors providing legal aid in Richmond and the surrounding area.

All of these are available as Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files.

Client contact forms

You can download or use the RLAS client contact form before attending an advice session. It is available in two versions. A version which can be printed to paper and completed by hand or a version which completed on screen and then printed to paper.

RLAS “How we can help” leaflet

Download the RLAS informational leaflet. This provides details on who we are, how we operate, what we can and cannot do for clients, details on our location and how to get to us (which train, tubes and buses are near to our location) and directions to find us from Richmond rail station.

Available to download in:

RLAS one-sided leaflet/poster

Download a one-sided colour or black and white leafet/poster giving basic details on how we operate, when we are open, etc.

If RLAS cannot help you or you need some specialist advice, RLAS has compiled a list of other advice givers who may be able to help you. The list is available for download. Note this is being updated and should be available shortly.

Last updated: 9 May 2024